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For most of my life I have worked on my writing life alone. When I discovered Hopewriters I found a community of writers working on their message of hope, encouraging each other, and learning together the practical tools of the writing life. Being a Hopewriter has been an immeasurable gift! I am never going back to doing this writing life alone. 


I believe you can make a big difference in your small corner of the world, and that nothing brings us together more than the simple and profound act of eating around a table together.


I hear from women everyday how exhausted and overwhelmed they are, the challenges of navigating the tasks of life while being there for their families and wondering if who they are is lost in all of this. 


I believe you are enough and can have a home where you and your family thrive. I created this online space to offer encouragement, practical tools and to remind women they can love and serve others best when they also care for themselves. 


Welcome! I am so glad you are here! 


A Little About Me:

I wrote, illustrated and distributed my first book to my kindergarten class. “The Care Bears Mix up their Seasons" was the beginning of the writing life for me. The first 18 years of my life were spent in the suburbs of Minnesota. I went to Seattle Pacific University and spent 17 wonderful years living the urban life in Seattle (those mountains never got old!) After college I worked for Taproot Theatre Company. I got to work with a community of theatre artists that were like family. I directed touring plays for schools and churches; educated students through classroom visits and students matinees; and I worked in the marketing department promoting the plays we were producing. I also got to teach and direct theatre productions at Seattle Country Day School. These were rich years and foundational for me as an artist. 

Storytelling is how I make sense of the world. I have had the privilege to work on a lot of stories. A highlight was being the assistant director for Sweetland, the musical at Taproot Theatre. You can hear an interview about it here and learn more about the production here


My family roots include a century farm (been in the family for over 100 years) in southwestern MN. I have lived most of my life within the city, but feel most at home along dusty roads, tall grass and cornfields. Someday I plan to buy a farm. For now I have returned to the suburbs of Minnesota with the best of all worlds: corn fields less than a mile east, city life less than 30 minutes away and a suburban cul de sac for my kids to run and play in. Here I am raising my two sons and have started our future farm animals with two cats and two rabbits. My heart is happiest when my 7 foot wooden table is filled with people and food. 

Most days I am amazed my job is to write words. I absolutely love what I do. Words have power and I see it as no small task to write words for you.



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