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I have so much to do and kids are hanging on my leg

Does this scenario sound familiar. You start your day with a list of 5 things you need to get done. You start with the dishes after breakfast. You are not even one minute into this task and you have a 2 year old hanging on your leg. "mom, come play with me." You go play for a few minutes and then try to sneak back to those dishes. This works for a few minutes and then the toddler is back. "Maaam. Plaaay with meeee." You feel bad so you go back to play but the whole time you are thinking about the dishes and you aren't fully engaged with your child. You continue back and forth between the dishes and your child. An hour has past and you haven't really had good playtime and those dishes are sti

Chocolate that's good for you

It is the day after Valentine's Day and you may be saying to yourself "I am never going to eat chocolate again!" Today may be the start of a new diet or the calorie counting may be in high gear. What if there was a way you could enjoy chocolate without having to add up all the calories or grams of sugar? If you could have a moment to truly enjoy without feeling guilty. Did you know French women eat on average 12 pounds of chocolate a year and they don't get fat. They don't count calories and they don't feel bad when enjoying a piece of chocolate (for some women eating it every day). In fact they believe if you eliminate foods from your diet for an extended period of time, you will probably e

How Pinterest Can Serve You Instead of Guilt You

Pinterest is a beautiful place. There are gorgeous pictures, tons of ideas. It is amazing how quick a couple minutes can turn into 30 so easily. It is nice having a one stop shop to gather anything from decorating ideas to recipes to birthday party plans. As the pins start to add up and friends post their latest completed projects, this wonderful place for ideas can quickly turn from that's a great idea to my house doesn't look that good, I'm not doing enough, I'm a failure. The thing is Pinterest is a great tool and is a lot of fun. Here are some ways Pinterest can serve you and your family, help you lay down the guilt, and bring back the joy in pinning! Remember: these are staged photos. I

Why can't I get up early and read my Bible?

It was another morning where I didn’t wake up exactly 30 minutes prior to my 6 month old. I wanted to get back into reading my Bible, spending time with God. My thoughts started coming fast, You failed again Marie. How are you going to instill Bible reading to your child if you aren't spending time with Him? How are you going to be a strong mother if you aren't drawing from your strength? You need to be learning and growing and carving this time out. Marie, you got to get this together. I was equally frustrated with myself and simultaneously discouraged that this would ever happen with a baby. Everyone was telling me to sleep whenever I could. Nap time was usually a combination of getting me

We love our kids well when we are well loved

You may looking at this self-care category and rolling your eyes. Or laughing at me, wondering if I am joking. Do I have a clue about your life? The waking up 4 times a night with the baby only to be woken up at 6:00 am when your 2 year old is ready to take on the world. How you need 3 cups of coffee to make it through. You know you need to cut down but some days it seems impossible. How the baby and the toddler are not quite on the same nap schedule yet. That glorious mid day break you used to have is now a hazy, distant dream. How getting you and your kids dressed, fed and to sleep is a huge feat and you wonder why no one gives you a medal each. and. every. day. In fact you are well aware

Back to Basics: Rebuilding Life with Kids

Adding kids to our family life is an immense gift! The unique person that enters our established normality brings joy and discovery as we learn who they are and how they fit into our family. Figuring out how the family operates with the additional needs of another person can feel overwhelming and chaotic at times. For first time parents there is the question how will I focus on the baby and also get my life back to normal? When adding additional children questions of how will we manage to care for another child and make sure we don’t neglect our other children? How will we all get enough sleep, eat, have clean cloths, get to work and all our activities? When there is a major life interruptio

Our kids don't need perfect moms

Next to marriage, motherhood is one of the longest things we will work at. Some days everything will go wrong. Some days everything will go great. Neither of these days defines us. When we have a day where everything goes wrong, or seems to go wrong, it is tempting to tell ourselves this day defines us as moms. We base our success on a day when we have a lifetime of work stretched out before us. We have endless opportunities to work at motherhood again and again and again. Our perseverence through our days has a greater impact on our kids than a snapshot of how any particular day is going. How we learn and grow. How we pick up the next day and try again because our kids are worth it. How we

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