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This week you turned 3. I have yet to write your birth story down. Part of that is life with two can get away with you, but the truth is your birth was painful. It was hard. Mommy still cries when she talks about it. And that’s ok. I hope I always do. Your gre...

In my last post we talked about the importance of creating a home where our entire family thrives. How the tasks of our everyday life stem from a heart to love and serve those closest to us. Our to-do list looks less like drudgery and more like cultivation. 

When thinki...

I still remember the visit to a friend's home after college. It was my first time visiting. I went into the room where I was going to stay and on the nightstand there was a simple vase with flowers in them. Right in front was a note welcoming me. I went to the bathroom...

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