“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10b



Our days as moms are spent cleaning up toys, potty training, playing soccer and building forts. We try to figure out the right balance between quality time with our kids and the list of tasks that seems never ending, on repeat, and undone in 5 minutes. Many days are very ordinary and mundane. If you are like me, you lay in bed at night exhausted, wondering have I focused on the right things today? Did I do enough? Am I enough?


In this moment, the words of Jesus wash over me, “I came that you may have life and have it abundantly.”

I believe we were created for abundant life and this is not only true, but possible as a mom. That motherhood can be more than making it to nap time, bedtime or the next phase of our child’s development. I believe it is possible to thrive in the midst of our work as mothers. I believe so deeply that motherhood is a gift and we were never meant to do it alone. We spend our days pining for a different life, comparing and competing with other moms on facebook and instagram. We need each other - for encouragement, friendship and to help lift our burdens.

What I hear most often when I talk with other moms is:

  • Feeling overwhelmed in the different tasks at home

  • Struggles with how to navigate new or consistent challenges in their role as a mom

  • Exhaustion and a struggle to see who they are and rest in it


I have created this online space as a place to talk with moms about the practical parts of our life – the day to day cooking, laundry, meals, schedules, endless toy clean up; to encourage other moms amidst the important job of raising kids; and to say its ok to take care of yourself!


While our personalities, families and methods may be different I believe we all can live with intention and purpose as moms. I have seen areas of my life start to thrive because a mom took the time to share how she meal plans with a busy schedule, tell me what she lets go of, and look me in the eye and say,  “you will get through this, you are doing amazing!”


This is not a place to compare or compete, but a place that offers encouragement, tools and an invitation to a rhythm of work and rest.


This is a place of freedom to take what works for you and modify or discard what doesn’t!


This is a place where we get to live into our abundant lives – who we are, who our family is, and what we were created for.


This is a space to work on our lives - to make choices with intention, and to learn what to let go of - most importantly the voice that says you are not enough.

This is a place for encouragement, with tools to help our day-to-day life, and a place where I say often - take time to care for yourself! 


I am so glad you are here! Welcome 

living the abundant life
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