How Pinterest Can Serve You Instead of Guilt You

Pinterest is a beautiful place. There are gorgeous pictures, tons of ideas. It is amazing how quick a couple minutes can turn into 30 so easily. It is nice having a one stop shop to gather anything from decorating ideas to recipes to birthday party plans. As the pins start to add up and friends post their latest completed projects, this wonderful place for ideas can quickly turn from that's a great idea to my house doesn't look that good, I'm not doing enough, I'm a failure.

The thing is Pinterest is a great tool and is a lot of fun. Here are some ways Pinterest can serve you and your family, help you lay down the guilt, and bring back the joy in pinning!

  1. Remember: these are staged photos. I often have to remind myself, even if someone posted a photo from their home - they moved stacks of paper, toys, and nicknacks so they could get the picture they were looking for. Most people’s lived in homes do not look like Pinterest photos.

  2. Pin for fun for the future – when you look through, have fun pinning. And as you do, keep in mind these are for the future. Even if its later that day. This will help with the feeling of weight and guilt that you need to create all these now. Have fun! Find pins you enjoy, knowing these will be so helpful for your future projects.

  3. Make a DIY to-do list based on your schedule. It is so easy to jump off Pinterest and the to-do list has already started running in your mind from the 50 pins you posted that day. The reality is you probably don't have time to do all of them this week. Take the one project you really want to do next and figure out when it fits into your schedule. It might be next year. Consult your spouse, if need be. Plan your pin to-do list based on when you have time. Prioritize them, consult with your spouse, and add them to your calendar.

  4. A place for inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to gather ideas. Just as in the olden days we would tear out photos from magazines to be inspired - this is what Pinterest is great for. It gets our creative juices flowing. Pinterest should be fun, not guilt inducing. Enjoy it as a place for creativity and gathering ideas to help our homes and our families. Happy Pinning (Guilt Free)!!

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