Chocolate that's good for you

It is the day after Valentine's Day and you may be saying to yourself "I am never going to eat chocolate again!" Today may be the start of a new diet or the calorie counting may be in high gear.

What if there was a way you could enjoy chocolate without having to add up all the calories or grams of sugar? If you could have a moment to truly enjoy without feeling guilty.

Did you know French women eat on average 12 pounds of chocolate a year and they don't get fat. They don't count calories and they don't feel bad when enjoying a piece of chocolate (for some women eating it every day). In fact they believe if you eliminate foods from your diet for an extended period of time, you will probably end up gaining weight. They know deprivation leads to extremes, which in the end leads to weight gain.

So what is the key to their success? In her book "French Women Don't Get Fat" Mireille Guiliano says the secret to eating chocolate and not gaining weight is to enjoy little pleasures. You read that right. Enjoy little pleasures. To savor in smaller doses, engaging all of the senses.

Another key to how the French enjoy chocolate is eating high quality. They do not eat chocolate candy bars, but chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Here in the United States many bean to bar chocolate companies make high quality chocolate. This type of chocolate, the kind that hasn't been stripped of the cacao bean's nutrients, is actually good for you. Read it again. High quality chocolate is good for you. Just as other crops absorb nutrients from the soil, so too does the cacao bean. And when a bar of chocolate is made with nutrients from the cacao bean, it is good for your body.

Some of the most popular brands of bean to bar chocolate include: Black Mountain Dandelion Equal Exchange Ghirardelli Scharffen Berger


Here is a list of bean to bar chocolate companies in the United States (list is by state) Here is a list of bean to bar chocolate companies in the world (list by country)

Mamma, you can throw away that vow to never eat chocolate again. Grab yourself some high quality chocolate and enjoy this little pleasure!

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