A long warm bath

Self care doesn't need to be complicated. It can be as simple as a warm bath. In its simplest form, a bath consists of warm water in a bathtub and you enjoying a great soak!

To step it up a notch there could be a candle, a glass of wine or tea, a book and bath salt. To maximize relaxation and a break, I recommend putting the kids bath toys out of sight!

The great thing about a warm bath is you don't need to go anywhere and you don't need to hire a babysitter. During nap time or just after the kids go to bed it is the perfect way to unwind. And if you find yourself having a hard time going to sleep at night it can help relax your body and aid in sleep. There are other health benefits to taking a bath as well.

There are many great bath salts available. I have been learning more about Epsom salts. Epsom has magnesium sulfate which aids in relieving muscle aches, improving sleep and reducing stress. Dr. Teal's is a great brand that can be found at your local Target. Dr. Teal's uses pure Epsom salt and they offer different products each with a combination of essential oils to give an added benefit for your body. Here is a link to Dr. Teal's website with more information about their products.

Bathing has a long history of not only cleaning the body but used for therapeutic purposes. Bath, in Somerset England is known for its hot spring baths that date back to the ancient Roman era.

Japan has many hot springs (Onsens) throughout their country. It is a part of their culture to go regularly as a way to take care of themselves and relax. This was a definite highlight on my trip to Japan.

Sadly, there are not a lot of hot spring bathing experiences in the United States. The closest here is a Korean Spa. Here is a list of the 5 best Korean Spas in the United States and an article about the benefits of going to a Korean Spa. I have been to Olympus Day Spa in Lynwood, WA and can attest to the wonderful benefits of going to a day spa like this. I had a few friends who would enjoy going and we made it a wonderful day of relaxation and talking.

Whether these public spas and baths are your cup of tea, a nice warm bath at home can become a wonderful way to relax and to drain that stress right away.

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