Traveling with Kids

I am pretty excited about starting a new blog series. Whether you have your summer travel plans figured out or if you are still planning, I am sure the question remains "how will travel go with kids?" We have been traveling with our kids since they were born and one of the consistent comments I hear is "wow, you are brave to travel with kids. I could never do that." But here's the thing, traveling with our kids has not only been doable but has been really fun. Just this past year my 6 year old was saying, "mom I want to go to Egypt and Paris." When our kids worlds are expanded they see possibilities, other cultures, and people different than themselves. Travel is good for kids and good for families.

This Friday we leave on a big road trip. Our first stop will be Seattle where we will be living for a month and a half. Then we will be taking the long road home, down the west coast all the way to San Diego, then going over to Texas and back up to Minnesota. I thought it would be the perfect time to share our preparations and share our journey. You may have your summer plans booked already or you may be trying to decide if a trip is worth it. I am here to tell you a trip with kids is not only doable, but it is a great time!

This week I am going to document our packing process and share the things I have found work best when traveling with kids. You can follow me on Instagram @marie.morache to see real time packing.

To start off, here are the top 3 things I have found get a trip off to the right start:

1. Planning is Key

I know for many people a vacation is a time to relax and not have many plans. One of our first trips with our kids we didn't plan as well and it made the trip less relaxing. Because a trip with kids is different then just a vacation as adults, it is actually a lot more relaxing if there is some planning that goes into the trip ahead of time. In the blog series we will talk a lot about how to plan for a trip with kids.

2. Attitude Matters Kids are very perceptive. If our attitude is "this won't work" then it probably won't. They will adopt the same attitude. And crabby parents and whiny kids is not a fun way to start a trip. Yes, the details can be overwhelming, but having an attitude set on figuring out how to make it a great experience will go a long way.

3. Include kids in the Journey

I will never forget when we showed our 2 year old the map of our trip route. He asked a lot of questions throughout the trip, he looked out the window to see where we were. He was engaged in the adventure of it. If our kids see this as an adventure and not just getting from point A to point B, it helps them enjoy the ride!

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