De stressing the Holidays: Have Fun

We are days away from Christmas and I know those last tasks are staring you down. It is still not too late to look at your priority list and make adjustments in these final days, remembering what is most important and focusing on that. It may mean letting go of some tasks you had initially thought you could get done.

Stress is likely with you right now as you finalize shopping, gift wrapping and packing for travel. Or as you anticipate family gatherings, wondering how the kids will do, or how that awkward relationship will be during Christmas dinner. Your kids are likely on school break now. You may be wondering: what are we going to do for 10 days?!?

I want to remind you of a significant way to de stress over the remaining days until the end of the year. It is often last on our list, and not always at the forefront of our mind. One of the best ways to destress is: Have Fun!

I know. I know how behind you probably feel. I know your kids might already be at each other and winter break has just started. I know you are not looking forward to missing your loved one who is not here this Christmas. I know there is a strained relationship that is really painful.

I know this time of year can be complicated. I am not suggesting to ignore grief or just forget you still have tasks left to do. There is a lot this time of year. You may even be feeling like your efforts to de stress 'didn't work' because of how much stress you feel right now.

I want to remind you that even with the stress you may be experiencing right now, you can still have fun this holiday. There will be moments you can put down the list and all you are carrying and just be fully present with your family. Have fun with your family.

And having fun will reduce your stress

It is a natural way to improve your mood. Laughter, physical activity, connection with those you love physically reduces stress in your body. You will feel like the burdens you are carrying are not so heavy.

Plan Fun This may sound odd. Shouldn't fun just happen naturally. Yes, it most definitely can. But fun outings need some planning. So, plan fun! Plan a whole day over the holiday break with a fun activity as a family. Sledding, ice skating, skiing, a walk outside. Have some fun activities planned this holiday with your family.

Play like a kid Jump into that lego set with your 7 year old. Set up the race track and race cars just like you did when you were a kid. Have a tea party with your 3 year old niece. Enjoy what your kids are enjoying this holiday. Play with them and the toys they get. Be fully present with them.

Enjoy the moments Pay attention to your children this holiday. What makes them smile or squeal with excitement. Hold your spouse's hand, look into each other's eyes. Notice what your grandma or grandpa says this holiday. Join the puzzle happening amongst your extended family and be fully present in the conversations happening around the table. Put down your phone.

Find moments to fully enjoy your family. You have spent a lot of time and energy preparing for this holiday season Now is the time to enjoy your hard work

Whether planned activities or found moments, enjoy this holiday season. Have fun!

I promise, your stress with reduce!

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