Guiding Principles for Living the Abundant Life

There are seasons in life


What works in one season may not work in another one


Some seasons require much on our plate and other seasons require little on our plate


Abundance includes knowing what season we are in and what that requires


There are many methods for caring for our homes and raising our kids, we get to decide which ones are best for our family


Some people have big plates and some have smaller plates – both are ok


We are a whole person – body, mind and spirit


Abundance includes knowing and caring for ourselves and those around us as whole people with all of our similarities and uniqueness


We are not meant to do life alone


Wisdom comes in the counsel of many


There are times we need plans to succeed and there are times we need to lay plans aside


Life is a rhythm of work and rest – we need both to thrive


Abundance is a life lived with others


Abundance includes a life with plans and spontaneity


Abundance is not perfection, nor the absence of difficulty


Abundance is being fully present in the life we have


Abundance is making decisions with our time and energy that are intentional and purposeful


Abundance includes seasons of planting, watering and pruning


Abundance includes seasons of fruit - just as a tree bears fruit with nourishment and care we will see fruit as a byproduct of nourishing our



Busyness is not always fruitfulness


Abundance includes celebration – of the people in our lives, praise and encouragement to those around us for the work we are doing


Abundance includes play - enjoying the people around us and the life we have

the abundant life credo
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